Tango Drum Scans

precise scanning for artistic expression

Garbage in, garbage out. How can you make a great print with a mediocre scan?

Great scans come from a fusion of experience and hardware. Jeff Grandy has been our Scanning Master for 15 years, and his scans have been the foundation for dozens of fine art books, thousands of Exhibition Prints made by our Master Printmakers, and used by thousands of artists preparing their own files.

Our hardware is the legendary Heidelberg Drum Scanner, which can scan beyond grain level.  

Each scan is captured in a 16 bit Silverfast HDR file that is then processed by Jeff to make a final TIFF file.  

Every scan is individually adjusted because no two pieces of film are the same.

Color, B&W, Neg, Chrome, pyro, 35mm, 120, 4x5, 8x10, 11x14, 6x17, and prints, if it can fit on our drum, we've probably scanned it.  

PDF Scanning Spec Sheet