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Ron Iudice - Scan Master & Giclée Customer Service

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Handling film is nothing new for West Coast Imaging Scan Master Ron Iudice. 35 years ago he started his photography career by shooting weddings, commercial assignments, horse shows, and other events in the San Francisco Bay Area. He later spent ten years owning and operating a photo finishing lab in Mariposa, California.

Today, Ron uses his film handling skills to prepare film for scanning on our Tango Drum Scanner. His job requires extreme attention to detail as he plans the layout of each drum; demounts and cleans the film; mounts the film on our plexiglass drums, then thoroughly cleans each image after scanning.

“When you’re handling so much film every day, you get a feel for it,” Ron said. “You know how it bends and how to clean it without kinking, crimping or scratching.”

Ron has also mastered the art of making scan decisions--deciding the optimum settings for capturing each piece of film sent to us for scanning. His aesthetic and technical understanding of the Tango is interchangeable with Jeff Grandy, our Scan Master who has been working with our Tango since 1999. He and Jeff work hand-in-hand to ensure each job is completed with the accuracy and quality our customers demand. After scanning each image, they team up to verify that the images scanned properly. Then Ron demounts each drum, following a strict series of protocols to ensure the film is returned to the rightful owner.

“We have a great system in place, and it flows seamlessly,” Ron said. “We protect your film, and as soon as we verify the image scanned properly, the image is taken off our drum, cleaned, and returned to our film safe.”

When he’s done mounting film for the day, Ron provides customer service to our Giclée print clients. Today’s Giclée prints are available on a wide variety of canvases and papers, and can be made with several different types of inks. Ron helps each customer navigate the maze of options, helping them through each step of the Giclée print process.

This type of care comes naturally to Ron. With a friendly and vivacious Sicilian personality; Ron loves great cooking; his cherry red 1964 El Camino (see photos below) and his family. He also has an amazing work ethic, which benefits West Coast Imaging's customers every single day.

“Photography is my career, and I want to know what’s the newest and the best,” Ron said. “Working here, I can help plot the future in photography.”


Ron's totally cherry 1964 El Camino

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